Restaurants and Bars

In November 2006 the Laranja Mecanica Bar opened its doors and since this time it has been a big succes. The Laranja Mecanica bar is run by Dutchman Willem-Jan (Guilerme). It is the biggest and busiest bar in Cumbuco, opens late afternoon and closes somewhere between 3.00 and 5.00 depending on how busy it is.

There are two very good restaurants that opened up late 2009, restaurant bar Muda and restaurant bar Castanha, both european owned and run and with an international menu. In 2010 the Slowenian run Secret Spot opened with a luxury interior and an extensive menu, its located besides Grill restaurant Gaucho's, where Gaucho himself no longer prepares the meat. Next to this is restaurant Brazilian run Sabor the Praia.

On the main square is the excellent, German run, Exil bar/restaurant which has German specialties such as Schnitzel and Bratwurst. Next to this is the Restaurant Malai which sells Thai food, but in a Brazilian way.


Sabor de Praia

On and around the square are several other local food stands and small restaurants of which ACL is the busiest with good meals for good prices. On the main street is a restaurant Acai which is Dutch run and has a large variety of food. Across the street there is another european run Restaurant, Muda, which has been theer for many years, on the corner is the Cumbuco Bar / Pizza Express restaurant from dutchman Marcel with very good pizza's at very good prices. Accros the street is the Dutch run Castanha Restaurant which often has live music in the weekends.



Pizzeria Italia

Cumbuco Bar
On the beachfront road The Barraca Lisboa ocassionally offers live local bands, Cumbuco d'Aqua is opened both during the day and the evening, most beachfront restaurants close around 5 PM. Opposite Cumbuco d'Agua is an Italian Pizzeria aptly named Italia, which, you guessed it, sells mainly pizzas and is owned by an Italian.