Who are we?

We are a few Dutch guys that came here many years ago and fell in love with this beautiful part of Brazil and decided to live here in 2002. We started this site to promote Cumbuco as at the time it was litlle known. Nowadays we offer accomodation for tourists, pousadas, hotels and houses for rent. We also take care of airport pickup and can organize rental cars. One of us has his Brazilian real estate license and has been involved with real estate in this area for over 15 years. We can tell you what is involved in buying real estate in Ceara, Brazil and can get you in contact with the best architects, construction companies and lawyers that speak English. If you plan do to a project here, whether its a house, an apartment complex or a hotel we can explain you how things work here; the way things work in practice. What one needs to do before buying real estate here, what possible problems might arise, how to avoid these problems, how to get your building permits, how to get in contact with the best architect without spending a lot of money, help you decide which is the best construction company for you to work with etcetc. If you have any questions about this please send an email to:

Introduction of Cumbuco

Cumbuco is a small fishing village about 25 kms from the international airport of Fortaleza. This scenic little town has started to attract more and more tourists, both domestic and international. The reason for this is simple; Cumbuco has the most beautiful, and quiet, beach near Fortaleza on one side of town and the famous sand dunes on the other side. Cumbuco also has perfect conditions for kite surfing and wind surfing. The small, but always busy, center is build around the main square, as in every Brazilian town, which has a fresh fish market, a church and, of course, the inevitable football pitch.

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The center is right next to the beach, which is lined with beautiful tropical palm trees and where one can find a dozen or so beach restaurants (barracas). After sunset a few of these remain open and other restaurants, and bars, also open their doors to Brazilians and foreigners alike. One can see the locals gather on and around the main square (prazinha) and what strikes one is the great number of children playing until well into the night, which attributes to the relaxed atmosphere in this idyllic village. One straight away feels at home here, and at the same time very very relaxed. This is typical Brazil : like the T-shirts say here : NO STRESS BRAZIL !