General Information on Cumbuco

Cumbuco is situated 25 kms from the international airport of Fortaleza on 3 degrees south of the Equator.

Sunrise : 06.00

Sunset : 18.00

Temperature : the whole year 28 - 35 C.

Precipitation : Mostly just in the rain season (February/April)

Exchange rate : Click here

Money: It is advisable to get Brazilian currency (Reais) when you arrive at the airport, you can change cash money (Euros or Dollars) or you can use a cash machine. The best place to change cash money is the Cambio office at the airport(the one furthest away from the main entrance, to the right of the arrival hall). When you use a cash machine the exchange rate is a lot better, sometimes as much as 10 percent! There is one at the airport, up the stairs and to the right. The maximum amount you can get from a cash machine is 1000 Reais per day, after 22.00 the maximum is only 100 Reais.


Documents: When traveling in Brazil you always need to carry your passport or a copy of your passport, when you use a copy do not forget you also need a copy of the entry stamp you got when you arrived in Brazil. When arriving in Brazil you get a visa for either 30 or 90 days. When staying longer than 30 days make sure you get a stamp for 90 days, you can not see this on the stamp you get in your passport, but on the paper they give you with it. Also be sure to keep this paper with your passport because you need to give it to Customs when you depart Brazil, if you lost it it means a lot of hassle. It is as of 01-10-2012 no longer possible to extend your stay beyond 3 months. The maximum total stay in Brazil is 6 months a year. If you are American or Australian, to name but a few, you need to get a visa before you fly to Brazil, otherwise you will leave on the same plane you came with.

Weather / Wind : For an actual weather report, and prognosis for the next 3 days the next side is handy: .