In and around Cumbuco there are many activities which one can undertake, amongst these are :

Buggy tour
Horseback riding
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Kite- and windsurfing

Other Activities

* Monday nights the famous Pirata bar in Fortaleza opens its doors and many Brazilians and tourists go there to dance and look at shows of the best Forro bands of the moment. Forro is the most populair music in Brazil at the moment and originated from the state where Forlaleza is the capital, Ceara. At the Pirata bar one can see many people dancing very gracefully ; the Brazilians, others less so; the foreigners. It is a very big club and most tourists agree that it is essential to have been there whilst in Fortaleza and you can make it a perfect day out in Brazil. You can take the bus in the afternoon to Praya Futuro near the center of Fortaleza and then walk past nice shopping streets towards Praya de Iricima where there are many good restaurants. After dinner you can then head towards the Pirata bar, everybody will know where it is. At night , it closes at about 1 AM, there are many taxi's waiting to bring you back to Cumbuco, the trip should cost you about 50 Reais, about 15 Euros.