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We have direct contact with many real estate owners in Cumbuco, Tabuba and surroundings. We also work together with several other local real estate agents. One of us has his Brazilian real estate license and has been involved with real estate in this area for over 15 years. We can tell you what is involved in buying real estate in Ceara, Brazil and can get you in contact with the best architects, construction companies and lawyers. If you plan do to a project here, whether its a house, an apartment complex or a hotel we can explain you how things work here; the way things work in practice. What one needs to do before buying real estate here, what possible problems might arise, how to avoid these problems, how to get your building permits, how to get in contact with the best architect without spending a lot of money, help you decide which is the best construction company for you to work with etcetc. If you have any questions about this please send an email to: robert@cumbuco.nl For those interested in how the center of Cumbuco will soon look, click here to see the PDF document, the reforms have already begum for this project, as well as reforms of almost all the roads in Cumbuco.


Best Buys






Ground floor apartments of 120 in the Beach Sun Cumbuco condominium. The price is 230.000 Euro
4.900 of beachfront land near Chico do Caranguejo (near the gasstation of Cumbuco). The price is 5.000.000 Reais
6 lots right in the center of Cumbuco, next to the public school. High laying land with great views. The price is 2.500.000 reais


New for sale



Beachfront land in Cumbuco, 5 lots with a total of 4278 m², beachfront is 63,46 meter. The price is 255 Euro per m²
Beautiful house at the Lagoa do Banana with direct access to the Lagoa and asphalt road. The house has 4 suites , the land is 2496 m², large garden, swimmingpool, large deck area with pool table, football field, playpark for children, high newly renovated wall around the property. The price is 1.200.000 reais



2 bedroom corner apartment of 75,37 m2 in the Sun Village Cumbuco condominium. It is perfectly located at the main road of Cumbuco (Avenida dos Coqueiros), 50 meters before the center of Cumbuco and just 100 meters from the beach. The building has an elevator. The price includes all furniture. The price is 80.000 Euro
Large modern bedroom house of 350 m2 on a lot of 820 m2 with 4 bedrooms in the closed condominium Summerville Cumbuco. Large living room, kitchen, service area, swimming pool, deck with BBQ. The price is 235.000 Euro
House with 4 bedrooms (of which 2 are suites), one common bathroom, large veranda, swimmingpool on a lot of 380 m2 near the beach in Icarai. The price is 320.000 reais





4 Lots for sale, high laying land with a spectacular view of the ocean, dunes and Cumbuco. The lots are between 700 and 829 m ². Price per lot starts at 400.000 Reais
Running pousada with 12 rooms and a caretakers house. all with tv and airco, restaurant of 60 m ², and laundry room of 20 m ². The lot is 920 m ²and very near the center of Cumbuco. The price is 2.500.000 Reais
Large new house with 5 suites, swimmingpool, BBQ area , large veranda. High quality furniture. The lot is 920 m2, constructed area of the main house is 325 m2.The price is 1.900.000 reais



6725 m²of beachfront land in Cumbuco. It has 86 meters beachfront. The price is 1250 reais per .
10.464 of beachfront land near the center of Cumbuco. The price is 1500 reais per .
2 bedroom apartment of 67,90 m2 in the Sun Village Cumbuco condominium. It is perfectly located at the main road of Cumbuco (Avenida dos Coqueiros), 50 meters before the center of Cumbuco and just 100 meters from the beach. The building has an elevator. The price includes all furniture. The price is 78.000 Euro

House with 4 suites on the main road, Av. dos Coqueiros, not far from the center of cumbuco, 6 bathrooms in total, swimmingpool, saúna, BBQ, large veranda, housekeepers house. The lot is 800 . The price is 1.000.000 reais
Tabuba and Icarai


6 furnished 4 bedroom apartments of 103 to 120 m² in the luxurious Sheyliane condominium in Tabuba. Prices start at 180.000 Reais.
Beachfront land in the center of Icarai. Total land is 1646 m², beachfront is 32 meters. Price is 220.000 Reais
Ilha do Guajiru


Ilha do Guajirú, also called ‘the Ecological Paradise' is a peninsula island accessible by normal car. It is Ceará's most sharply rising spot and best investment opportunity. Unique watersport/holiday conditions (a huge lagoon 4 km x 500 mtr, turkish blue water, wind 18-28 knots/ 9 months per year, a cocopalmed interior in combination with white sanded beaches) made the spot grow in little time to one of the most popular (kite) holiday destinations of the world. prices on request


Real Estate in Taiba




1375 m2 of beachfront land in Novo Taiba next to what used to be pousada Tramuntana. The price is 200.000 reais


All-prices are asking price

All information on this page comes from the owners of the properties, we are not responsible for this information.

At this moment 1 Euro is 5,25 Reais (august 9 , 2022).

If you are interested in a house or land please email to: robert@cumbuco.nl