Kitesurfing in Cumbuco

The wind in Cumbuco is the best is the world for kitesurfing. From June till February there is wind almost everyday (95%) – making it ideal for all levels of kitesurfer. The wind is normally between 18 and 25 knots in Cumbuco, and is always from the South East – which is cross-shore.

The climate in Cumbuco is perfect, the sea is always around 26 degrees and the air temperature is around 28 – making this small fishing village a paradise for kitesurfers.

The conditions on Cumbuco beach are very easy, there is a small shore dump wave, and then just gentle swell, perfect for learning, improving and busting serious freestyle moves.

You can kite down wind from Cumbuco to the Lagoa Cauipe, which is 5km away. This is a fun downwinder, and then you can play on the lagoon, which has totally butter flat water and is knee to waist high – you need to arrange a lift back in a buggy.

Courtesy of Jeroen de Vries,
Courtesy of Jeroen de Vries,
Courtesy of Jeroen de Vries,

Up wind of Cumbuco village you will find the smaller lagoon at the bridge of Icari and Tabuba, again with total flat water, this lagoon is very quiet, you will probably be the only ones there!

For waves you can go to Pecem, where there is point of rock that forms great peeling waves, very nice to ride and easy to get back up wind on the out side of them. The wind here is a little gusty, and you need a buggy or 4x4 to kite it easily.

Going further north you reach the village of Taiba which offers great waves which are clean and powerful (up wind near the rocks in the village centre). There is also another large lagoon here, which is used allot by pro riders, this is 4km downwind from the village centre.

Past Taiba you reach the town of Paracuru, the kitesurf spot here is 5km outside of the town, where there is a great beach restaurant. The conditions are excellent for kitesurfing - for the first 300m you have very flat water (not at high tide) and then you have a rock reef that has very nice and when there is swell very big waves breaking on it – making it a favourite with wave riders.

The further north you go from Cumbuco the stronger the wind gets, in Taiba there is normally about 2-3 knots more wind and in Paracuru about 5-6 knots more wind.

To check the forecast for Cumbuco the best web site to use is use the menu and select Fortaleza. You need to add 5-6 knots onto the forecast wind to account for the thermal effect that the sand dunes create each day. To directly access the forecast for Cumbuco and learn more about the weather conditions you can view

Cumbuco is the place to base yourself whilst in Brasil to kitesurf, the village has many nice restaurants, bars and is friendly and welcoming place for kiters. Arranging transport to other kitesurf spots along the coast is easy to do from Cumbuco – and you will meet lots of other kiters with the same plans as you!


Courtesy of Jeroen de Vries,



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Courtesy of Jeroen de Vries,