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Information about the project Doce Vida. Located in Lagoinha, in the state of Ceara , Brazil. Lagoinha, a small fishing village, is located between beautiful dunes and at a distance of 95 km from Fortaleza. The beach with its terracotta colored rocks is one of the most beautiful beaches of Ceara. Many local developments will ensure that Lagoinha will grow into a luxury tourist resort town. The current owner of the land is the company Paraipaba Construcoes LTDA. There is a title deed (Matricula) for this land. There are no debts on this land. The size of the land from Doce Vida comprises 54.000 m2. The dimensions are 90 meters x 600 meters . ( 90 meters beachfront)
The land is located 20 meters above sea level with a beautiful sea view and it goes up to the back. Therefore it is possible that all the apartments of the project have a panoramic sea view. The land is beach front. The land is accessible via a new private road from the center of Lagoinha. Electricity has recently been put in and there is a large transformer on the land. The building permit application for Doce Vida is at the time of this writing (june 2010) ready for submission. The master plan has been prepared by MD Architects in Fortaleza and the accompaniment is in the hands of Info Ambiental. Until this moment  there are no reasons for Semace to refuse the environmental license.

The Price is 2.430.000 Reais

The project with its financial plan of  DOCE VIDA consists of:
42 apartments of which 8 are on the frontline and 4 penthouses, but all the 42 apartments will have full sea views.
3 large swimming pools, 3 barbecue areas, 50 m2 security office ( 100 m 2 in total, the neighbouring Happy View project and Doce Vida both have 50%), 1 very large and beautiful garden. Total constructed area of the apartments is 5200 m2 , the swimming pools have in total 1000 m2.

These are just 3 of the total of 5 blocks of apartments.

The total cost of the project  with the luxury apartments will be  R$ 6.540.000,00
Unforeseen R$    650.000,00
Total cost R$ 7.190.000,00
Proceeds on selling the apartments R$ 16.520.000,00
Profit R$   9.330.000,00
(Hereby noted that the costs in the budget are high estimates). The remaining area after the building is about 34.000 m2 , which is not considered dune area. In a later stadium it is possible to built another project behind Doce Vida. One can expect a very high profit when one sells this land.

Progress of the project so far is:
Established the company with all its obligations and subscriptions.
Investigations related to full ownership of the land.
Topographical study
Purchase of the land with official title deed (Matricula).
Total area is marked and fenced (2 years ago)
Full Architectural Master Plan (MD Architects)
The required studies and documents valid for license application
Hired a professional company for the obtainment of all licenses (Info Ambiental)
Hydro sanitary plan. (JCA)
All necessary acts by a lawyer .
All necessary acts by a notary.
Construction of 11.880 m2 of road.
Construction of the central parking area of 1000 m2 . (Which will be used to store
building material)
Construction of 1200 meters of electricity lines and poles and the necessary large transformer

The Project with 42 Apartments:

Trends and expectations in this region are:

Brazil is trying to get the fifth place in the economic world  and
therefore  has to show that investors have a future here.
Doce Vida has an absolute top location in Brazil .
Doce Vida is strategically located in Ceara and in the Lagoinha area.
Doce Vida has done everything that the law requires.

High revenues, as building permits in this region are now issued less quickly.
A very easy to build project.
Many projects around in a advanced stage.
Quick sale of the apartments is expected because of the Word Cup 2014.

High expectations:
All revenues in the presentation are low estimates. All costs have high estimates.
Good chance that within 6 months after the granting of all licenses the
investment is recouped several times over.
In two years (2012-2013 ) the project could be completed.
The project is based on a quick profit.
With the intention to begin only the rough constructing of the villa's , it is
possible to have a fast rough construction and a lucrative schedule of payment.
A second advantage of the rough construction is that the buyer can see how it will be.
This will help to get the maximum price buyers are prepared to pay.

The neighbours of Doce Vida.
The land of Doce Vida   was separated  in the 90's from the land of the neighbouring project of Happy View. That makes it a sister land. The land of Happy View has the size of  57,797 m2. The license of the Condominium Happy View is pending. The project comprises a total of Happy View construction of 3600 m2 with: 10 luxury villa's, all with private swimming pool Hotel with 6 very luxury suites and one very large swimming pool. Luxury restaurant, European oriented. Semace, government department that must provide the environmental license has already granted the official permission; the Licencia Previa, which means  that the project as submitted is allowed to be constructed. There are already three villas sold in the presale. It is expected that construction will begin soon.
On the Lagoa side adjacent to the Doce Vida land is owned by Vindo Investment. They are also preparing to start with the necessary infrastructure.