Royal Beach Condominium

Ideally located, just 50 ms from the most popular beach in Cumbuco, and just 50ms from the village center, with all its´ restaurants, small bars; as well a large variety of shops - supermarkets, clothing and of course a fish mongers which a daily selection of freshly caught fish off the coast of Cumbuco.

The apartmenta have two separate entrances which allows for the two bedroom apartments to be converted into two individual one bedroom apartments (one fully complete apartment with kitchen, living, dining area and veranda and ensuite máster bedroom. The other apartment has walk in robes and ensuite bedroom - similar to a large hotel suíte.) which allows the owner to offer 1 or two apartments, or, live in one side and rent other.

The 65m2 apartments are offered fully furished (solid wood) and fully equipped (including air and washing machine, etc, etc

The Price is 175.000 reais