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We have direct contact with many real estate owners in Cumbuco, Tabuba and surroundings. We also work together with several other local real estate agents. One of us, Robert Ruhmann, has his Brazilian real estate license and has been involved with real estate in this area for over 10 years. We can tell you what is involved in buying real estate in Ceara, Brazil and can get you in contact with the best architects, construction companies and lawyers. If you plan do to a project here, whether its a house, an apartment complex or a hotel we can explain you how things work here; the way things work in practice. What one needs to do before buying real estate here, what possible problems might arise, how to avoid these problems, how to get your building permits, how to get in contact with the best architect without spending a lot of money, help you decide which is the best construction company for you to work with etcetc. If you have any questions about this please send an email to:

Best Buys



Running pousada with 12 rooms and a caretakers house. all with tv and airco, restaurant of 60 m ², and laundry room of 20 m ². The lot is 920 m ²and very near the center of Cumbuco. The price is 950.000 Reais
Furnished 2 bedroom apartments of 120 in the beachfront condominium Beach Sun Cumbuco. Price is 500.000 Reais.
Furnished 2 bedroom apartments of 67,90 to 75,30 in Sun Village Cumbuco. Prices start at 295.000 Reais. Most have been rented out for 1 year, earning 33.000 reais.


Two bedroom beachfront apartment of 88 in the Royal Penthouse Condominium, 150 meters from the center. The price is 85.000 Euro
Brand new pousada with 16 furnished suites of 25 m ², all with tv and airco, restaurant of 60 m ², and laundry room of 20 m ². The lot is 920 m ²and near the center of Cumbuco. The price is 1.350.000 Reais


New for sale

House on a lot of 450 m2 land in Tabuba. The house has 4 bedrooms (3 of which are suites). Renovated in 2015. Really close to the beach near the church of Tabuba. The price is 350.000 Reais.
Beachfront land in Cumbuco, 5 lots with a total of 4278 m², beachfront is 63,46 meters. The price is 3.422.400 Reais (800 Reais per m²).
Large sitio of 11. 050 m² with a large house in Lagoa do Barro, between Cumbuco and Lagoa de Banana. The house has 1 large suite master bedroom, 2 large bedrooms, a living area, dining area and a sizable quality kitchen. Over 10 different types of fruit trees. Price is 330.000 Reais

Beachfront land of 7000 m² ( 70mx100m) in the best part of Tabuba, in front of the pousada Beleza das Ondas,. The price is 2.450.000 Reais (350 Reais per m²).
House with 4 suites on a lot of 800 m2 at 50 meters from the center of Cumbuco. Large swimmingpool with jacuzzi, set in a lush garden. The price is 650.000 Reais


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Two 2 bedroom apartment for sale of 87 m², in a small condominium (4 in total) at 150 meters from the center of Cumbuco. The price includes all furniture. One is 300.000 Reais, the other costs 85.000 Euro
House in Cumbuco with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and swimmingpool. Situated in a small complex of 4 houses. The lot is 131,80 constructed area is 108 .The price includes all furniture. The price is 275.000 Reais
2 lots with a total of 1740 near Wai Wai Cumbuco. The price is 480.000 Reais



4 lots with a total of 3045 . high laying with a perfect view of Cumbuco and the ocean. With project to built 35 large luxury apartments. The price is 1.200.000 Reais
65 two bedroom apartment right in the center of Cumbuco in the Royal Beach Condominium. The price includes all furniture. The price is 255.000 Reais
Ideal package with CR2850 for people looking to set themselves up in Cumbuco, an office/shop of 22 m² in the same condominium (Royal Beach). Or equally ideal as investment for rental.  As both shop and apartment are very popular for rentals - on long and short term contracts - and both have good current rentals, with continuing good propects for future rentals if required. The price is 150.000 Reais



High laying lot of 920 with high quality wall around it near the center of Cumbuco. The price is 270.000 Reais
Cumbuco's best-views beachfront plots, with a total of 1700 m², high laying next to the Sunset Beach hotel in Cumbuco. Price is 375.000 Euro
Two bedroom beachfront apartment of 88 in the Royal Penthouse Condominium, 150 meters from the center. The price is 85.000 Euro



Lot of 800 m ² near Dream Beach, so near the center of Cumbuco. The price is 200.000 Reais
Furnished penthouse apartment, on 2 floors, of 129 m ² in Jardim Reale, near the center of Cumbuco and on the beach side. The price is 525.000 Reais.
Unique, the only 4 bedroom apartment in Cumbuco. It has 222 and is directly beachfront at just 150 meters of the center. The price includes all high quality furniture. The price is 175.000 Euro
Tabuba and Icarai



Beachfront house for sale in Tabuba, the lot is about 1800 m², 25 meters beachfront. The house has 4 suites, a swimmingpool and caretakers house. The house is very high laying and has a high wall around the property. Recently renovated. The price is 600.000 Reais
A spacious, furnished, modern, duplex beachfront property in Icarai With 5 bedrooms, 4 with ensuite bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, living-room, outside bar with bar-b-q and swimming pool. Lot is 420 m². Price is 450.000 Reais.
7700 m² beachfront land in Tabuba (70mx110m). The land already has a wall. Price is 2.250.000 Reais



Beachfront house in Icarai with spectacular sea view with 5 suites, garage, patio, veranda and swimmingpool. The lot is 386 . The price is 340.000 Reais
Beachfront land in the center of Icarai. Total land is 1646 m², beachfront is 32 meters. Price is 220.000 Reais
4 bedroom house in Tabuba on the main street. The lot is 800 . The price is 310.000 Reais
Ilha do Guajiru
ILHA DO GUAJIRU is one of the most promising spots of Ceará. Perfect, unique conditions (NE Brazil's biggest lagoon, turkish blue water, and an amazing Ecological surrouding) made the spot grow into one of the most popular investment area of this moment. Prices are rising with 2 digit numbers per year and the area is much in the lift. Prices are relatively cheap while a lot of new facilities have bveen developed, added also a new International Airport (Guajiru North Int'l Airport - CRUZ) that will arise at only 25 km distance. Prices start from: - Euro 25.-/m²  (3rd line) - Euro 50.-/m²  (2nd line) - Euro 65 to 105/m²   (1st line)



Super investment project, luxury apartments of 46 in the center of the Ilha do Guajiru , with excellent online (2 digit!) rental returns, superbeachfront, only 10 mtrs form NE Brazils biggest lagoon, attractive for larger investors to like to step in a running rental project. There are 4 apartments under 1 roof and there is a communal swimmingpool. . The apartment has a livingroom, a suite and a veranda/balcony. At the back of the land are 4 parking spaces, one for each apartment.

Price is 89.750 Euro per apartment

Lagoa de Banana / Cauipe



House with 5 suites directly at the Lagoa de banana. With swimmingpool, deck area, caretakers house. The land is 3600 m² (30 m by 120 m). The price is 180.000 Euro
New house between Lagoa de Banana and the highway. The lot is just under 1000 m². The house has large bedrooms, an open kitchen and living room and a study upstairs. There is a large garage, a large veranda around the house. Price is 265.000 Reais
Sitio in lagoa de Barra (between Cumbuco and Lagoa de Banana) of 78.307 with a main house with 4 suits, a second house also with 4 suits and a small house with suite, large living room and kitchen. Large wall around the property. The price is 3.200.000 Reais
Real Estate in Taiba



1375 m2 beachfront land in Novo Taiba, accross the street from the pousada Tramuntana. Price is 179.500 Reais,
One lot of 560 m2 (14x40) near the sea in Novo Taiba. Price is 50.000 Reais
1280 m2 (16mx80m) beachfront land in Novo Taiba, near pousada Vila Marola. Price is just 128.000 Reais,


Beachfront land with Apartment project in Lagoinha

Doce Vida

54,000 sqm beachfront land with a project of 42 apartments in the beautiful region of Ceara and Lagoinha! It has 90 meters beachfront. The beach is a part and an elevated section with amazing views of the bay Lagoinha. Price is 2.430.000 Reais (45 reais per m²). .

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