Sun Village Cumbuco

The Sun Village Cumbuco condominium has 24 two bedroom apartments between 70 and 75 m² on a lot of 1600 . It is perfectly located at the main road of Cumbuco (Avenida dos Coqueiros), 50 meters before the center of Cumbuco and just 100 meters from the beach. All have already been sold, there are just 3 more for resale, prices now start at R$ 295.000 The building has an elevator. With all the influx from people working in the growing port of Pecem one can get a high return, on investment when renting out the apartments. We have companies looking for furnished apartments now for long term contracts which will give the owner a profit of about 10 %. per year. An excellent investment!!

Prices now start at R$ 310.000 Reais


The apartments we have for sale are 105, ground floor, 67,90 m2 , fully furnished for 325.000 reais,202, fully furnished on the second floor, 67,90 m2 for 295.000 Reais, 206 on the second floor, 72,16 m2, fully furnished which costs 340.000 Reais and 403 which is on the top floor, has a brilliant view of Cumbuco, the Ocean and the dunes. This one is 75,47 m2 and has expensive tile floors, built in glass box showers, option for an airconditioner in the bedrooms and living room, but is not furnished. The price of this one is 350.000 Reais. Apartments 105 and 206 have a 1 year rental contract giving the owner a yearly rental income of 33.000 Reais, the condominium fee is 350 reais per minth. Underneath are some pictures of apartments 202 and 206
Apartment 202
Apartment 206
75,37 m²
67,90 m²
75,47 m²
75,47 m²
67,90 m²
72,16 m²
401: Sold
402: Sold
403: R$ 350.000
404: Sold
405/406; Sold
301: Sold
302: Sold
303: Sold
305: Sold
306: Sold
201: Sold
202: R$ 295.000
203: Sold
205: Sold
206: R$ 340.000
101: Sold
102: Sold
103: Sold
104: Sold
105: R$ 325.000
106: Sold
L01: Sold

Apartments 105 and 206 are completely furnished and has a 1 year rental contract which brings the owner 33.000 reais (nov 2015-nov 2016).